Kaleidoscope Vocal Improv Concert, July 13

By Pat Wictor Music (other events)

Saturday, July 13 2024 7:00 PM 8:30 PM EDT

Kaleidoscope is Jesse Goldman, Deborah Latz, Jeannette Miller and Pat Wictor - four fearless vocalists who improvise pieces that surprise and delight.  The four met in the Circle Singing community of vocal improvisers started by Bobby McFerrin and members of his Voicestra. Assuming roles normally played by instruments, from vocal percussion to bass or horn lines to soloing, the music they create is by turns soulful, whimsical, lyrical, playful and funny.  From moment to moment, you never know what will happen, and neither do they!  There could be interactive moments where you get to influence - or participate in - the music making.   Be prepared for a myriad of colorful soundscapes and high-flying musical fun!